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ValuMAX Red Tube Allwormer Paste for Horses


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ValuMAX Red Tube is a complete all wormer for horses that treats all worms, including tapeworm.

ValuMAX Red Tube is highly effective against tapeworms, large strongyles (bloodworm), small strongyles (red worm), ascarids (roundworms), pinworms, hairworms, stomach worms, intestinal threadworms, neck threadworms, lungworms and bots. A reduction in the prevalence of associated colic could be expected. ValuMAX Red Tube is also effective for the control of skin lesions caused by Habronema and Draschia spp. cutaneous larvae (summer sores) and Onchocerca spp, microfilariae (cutaneous onchocerciasis).

Treats 600kg bodyweight.

ValuMAX comes in a distinctive red tube.

Available as single tubes or a 50 tube Stud Bucket


ValuMAX Red Tube is a highly effective broad spectrum all wormer paste for the treatment and control of tapeworms, gastrointestinal, cutaneous and pulmonary nematodes and bots in horses of all ages. Regular treatment with ValuMax Red Tube will reduce the chances of verminous arteritis and colic caused by strongylus vulgaris.

ValuMax Red Tube contains a combination of abamectin and praziquantel, which are effective against the vast range of internal parasites found in horses in Australia. Praziquantel kills up to 100% of tapeworms within 24 hours, whilst abamectin kills up to 100% of bots and other worms (including benzimidazole resistant strains).

ValuMax Red Tube, when used at the recommended dose, will control the following susceptible parasites:

Small Strongyles Including (adult and immature) strains of:

Cyathostomum spp.

Cylicocylus spp.

Cylicostephanus spp.

Cylicodontophorus spp.

Gyalocephalus spp.

Large Strongyles                   

Strongylus vulgaris (adults and arterial larval stages)                                          Strongylus edentatus (adults and tissue stages                                                        Strongylus equinus (adults)

Triodontophorus spp. (adults)

Pinworms Oxyuris equi (adult and immature)

Bots Gasterophilus spp. (oral and gastric stages)

Lungworms Dictyocaulus arnfieldi (adult and immature)

Ascarids  Parascaris equorum (adult and immature)

Neck Threadworms Onchocerca spp. (microfilariae)*

Intestinal Threadworms Strongyloides westeri (adults)

Tapeworms Including adult and immature, heads and segments of:

Anoplocephala perfoliate

Anoplocephala magna*

Paranoplocephala mammillana*

Hairworms Trichostrongylus axei (adult)

Large Mouth Stomach Worms Habronema muscae (adult)

ValuMax Red Tube is also an effective control of skin lesions caused by Habronema and Draschia spp cutaneous larvae (summer sores) and microfilariae of Onchocerca spp (cutaneous onchocerciasis).

PACK SIZE:                        

One tube of ValuMAX Red Tube contains 32.4g of paste and is available
in the following presentations:

  • Individual tube/syringe
  • Display outer of 20 tubes
  • Stud Bucket of 50 tubes (Red Bucket)


Dose orally at the recommended rate of 1mL per 20kg (0.2mg/kg abamectin
and 25mg/kg praziquantel). Each marking on the syringe plunger will deliver sufficient paste (2.7g) to treat 50kg bodyweight.

One syringe of ValuMAX Red Tube will treat a 600kg horse.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE:             

ValuMax Red Tube can be administered directly in the mouth or mixed
in with the horses feed.

To give the correct amount of paste, turn the ring on the plunger on the syringe
to the appropriate bodyweight setting. Each weight marking on the syringe plunger will deliver sufficient paste to treat 50kg bodyweight.

Administration by mouth:
Turn the ring on the plunger to the appropriate bodyweight setting. Insert the syringe into the side of the horse’s mouth, in the gap between the front and back teeth. Advance the plunger as far as it will go, depositing the paste on the rear of the tongue. Immediately raise the horse’s head for a few seconds to ensure the full dose has been swallowed.

If there is any paste remaining, replace the cap on the syringe and store at room temperature until needed again. For hygiene concerns, it is not advisable to use the same syringe of different horses.

ValuMAX comes in a distinctive red tube.

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Single 32.6g Tube, Box 20 x 32.6g Tubes, Bucket 50 x 32.6gTubes