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Fly Control

  • Buzz Off Antiseptic and Fly Repellent Cream – OUT OF STOCK

    Protect your dog, cat or horse from flies and mozzies with Buzz Off Antiseptic & Fly Repellent Cream.

    Buzz Off combines three insect repellents, one insecticide and two synergists to provide an effective killing and repelling action.

    It also contains an antiseptic to help prevent infections and assist with wound healing.

    Buzz Off effectively ?blinds? the insect?s senses, creating a resistant barrier between the animal and the insect. This repels biting pests and protects wounds from further damage.

    Buzz Off?s non-greasy cream formulation has a thick ?stay-on? consistency avoiding mess, and making it ideal for use around tricky spots like the ears and head area.

    Buzz Off comes in a handy 75g tube and has a pleasant, mild scent.

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