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Clean water, prime feed and a good worming program are essential factors in the investment of your horse’s health. Therefore understanding the facts about equine parasites becomes crucial when it comes to making decisions about when and what to worm your horse. Value Plus has developed this booklet with ‘best practice’ suggestions for controlling equine parasites. Whether you have horses for breeding, showing, performance or just for pleasure, all horses are exposed to worms and therefore should be placed on an effective worming program to ensure optimum health, growth and performance.

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Greengrove Stud

Young rider/law student Paige McBain and New Zealand rider Matt Irvine are the talented pair at Green Grove Stud Farm, carefully producing young horses and competitively competing in showjumping . Both have had success training and producing horses to Mini Prix and Grand Prix level, with extensive international experience between them.

What is your favourite Value Plus product-

Paige – It has to be the Hydracel Advanced Electrolyte Replacer as it really does make all the difference to the horses energy levels.

Matt- I really like the Vitamin B1 injection, it is a really helpful tool to calm horses down and allow them to think a bit more about what they are doing.